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The Agency of Healers (AOH) is an international firm that represents Master Healers and Healers that are committed to growing their businesses. It is our mission to support the work of accomplished Healers around the world who ultimately raise the vibration of humanity through the important work they do. The healing arts is important work and business of healing and should be both respected and valued.

It is our purpose to empower Healers by facilitating their business objectives and connecting them with solid business opportunities where they can practice and grow. AOH is also created to eliminate stigmas thereby, further legitimizing the business of healing and affirming that monetary prosperity and healing are not mutually exclusive.

AOH introduces the AOH Apotheca, our roster of Healers, to the world by connecting seasoned Healers with individuals, organizations, worldwide initiatives and events where these powerful influencers can affect necessary change. AOH is a specialized talent agency unlike any other and through a highly selective process and criteria only seeks to represent the best in the business.

The AOH Apotheca showcases an exceptional list of Healers from around the globe. These are Healers that AOH believes have carved out their own unique special niche in the healing arts and are using these very unique gifts to help the human collective. Apotheca members who are identified as Master Healers are individuals who satisfy AOH’s Master Healer criteria as follows:

  • demonstrated a commitment to their craft for 10 + years
  • worked with 500 + clients in various capacities on their spiritual journey

All Healers profiled in the Apotheca are:

  • authentic about their professional experience and clear about their intentions
  • have a strong belief in their work and can clearly articulate the impact they intend to have in the world


Fahra Panos is a lightworker who has been transformed by the power of energy healing and as a result, is a strong advocate for the work that Healers do for humanity. Fahra has been on the spiritual path for the last twenty years and through this journey has come to understand, unequivocally, that her purpose on this earth is to bring light to as many people as she can. It is through this compulsion and insight that Fahra has diverted from her long career in dentistry for the last 20 years and is dedicating herself to being a conduit between Healers and those in need of their expertise.

AOH Apotheca

Roster of talent

Deslee Denne
Plant Priestess, Solving Period Problems, Reorienting Fertility journeys,
Master Healer
Fahra Panos
Energy Healer/Intuitive

Farhan Dhalla
Transformational Trainer,
Master Healer
Liezel Anne Palon
Craniosacral Therapist,
Massage Therapist,
Master Healer
Joy Walraven
Accupuncture/Herbal medicine/Craniosacral Therapist,
Master Healer
Mary Snezasi
Shadow Integration coaching/Transformational Wellness,
Master Healer
Mina Movasseli
Mindset & Behavior Coaching,
Master Healer
Tiffany Nicole
Motivational Speaker/Mindset Coach and Theta Healer,
Master Healer
Zahra Lalani
Tarot companion/Coach
Sara Bachmeier
Egyptian Numerology,
Master Healer
Julie Wilson
Energy Healer
Project Mariri
Mariya Garnet & Masha Andreeva

Sound Healing & Master Healers
Patrizia Love
Crystal Healer, Spiritual Coach, Meditation Teacher, Master Healer

Jonathan Mitchell
Life coach, Corporate trainer
Healing Practitioner
Master Healer
Sabrina Tuchan
Dance & Intuitive Coach, Artist & Author,
Master Healer
Elizabeth Blake-Thomas
British award-winning filmmaker, Medicine with Words,
Master Healer


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