About Farhan Dhalla

Farhan’s vision is to help clients transform into the most paramount version of themselves through integrating his diverse background. His personal journey began as a physiotherapist working with some of the world’s most accomplished athletes.

For years he felt incomplete trying to exist in a physical world while living in a closeted spiritual one. He emerged on his path as a Transformational Trainer with the belief that any aspect of the physical world is incomplete without a balance of the spiritual. Farhan offers clients an integrative program blending spiritual and physical fitness individually customizing programs by intuitively tapping into their specific needs. His holistic approach uniquely allows him to design programs that consider all aspects of his clients’ lives.

Every session is a transformation. Farhan endeavours to help each client reach their goals and further develop a connection with their true self. It all starts with ‘Self-Love.’ The result is a more positive relationship with body, mind and spirit.

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