About Phil Jacobes

Phil is a Musician and Integrative Vibrational Therapist offering online virtual and in person Healing and Meditation sessions. Integrating multi-disciplinary training from Schools, Institutions, Universities and Life experience throughout UK, Canada, Guatemala, and China. Training and Intensive Experience in Plant Medicine in Yelapa, Mexico and Toronto, Canada with Dr. Gabor Maté MD.

Phil has a University Level Training in Music and Mathematics and his first real Love and relationship is with Music, Sound, and Vibration. He brings together 40 years of love of Music with intensive training in Integrative Health, Eastern Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Medical Qi-Gong,
Mindfulness & Contemplative Therapy, Relational Psycho-Somatic Therapy
and Sound Therapy.

Currently, Phil maintains his online and in person practice from Toronto, Canada and is am available to travel for speaking and performance engagements.

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