About Sara Bachmeier

Sara is a certified instructor in Egyptian numerology, CCMBA (Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment and Activation), CCSMC (Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing), and META (women’s self-defense and empowerment program). She has studied numerology for most of her life.

Egyptian Numerology is the Alchemy of Ancient Wisdom through the Frequencies of Numbers and the position of the planets used to transform your life toward prosperity, love and overall well-being.

Egyptian Numerology lies under the premise that before Birth, we contracted with a Karmic Board in the spirit realm to achieve specific goals, complete karmic lessons, advance our spiritual directive and to understand our pure essence of “Being as Divine Love”. Just in case we forgot what we came here to earth to do, we encoded this vital information in our Birth Name and Birth Date. When we begin to understand the powerful forces behind these frequencies, there are no coincidences in this accurate mapping as it points to not only our Soul Life Mission but our Soul Life Path, Purpose and Destiny within.

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