Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

Elizabeth has been a theatre director for 20 years and a film director for 5 years. She has published a book,created a podcast and directed and written 8 features. Elizabeth is a Professor at Pepperdine University, running a course called “Storytelling and the Power of Our Words.”

She is not just a writer, or a director, or a photographer or a painter or a teacher. She is a personal trainer for your mind.
She is a Storyteller.

Through research and personal self-reflection, Elizabeth has created a healing methodology called Medicine with Words. Medicine with Words encompasses everything from your emotions and surroundings, to your purpose and desires. Through guided studies of intention and reflection using pen to paper, meditation, stories and your senses, learn to lead a more purposeful, contented, peaceful life. Free yourself from the unnecessary noise that the world muddles your mind with, and start living intentionally, without fear.

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